How do Background Checks work?

How much do you understand about Background Checks for firearms purchases or the history of our National Instant Background Check System?

Most Gun Owners have little or no concern about the NICS background checks.Most gun owners, especially those who are new to firearms ownership in the last 20 years, don’t think much about the NICS check that they go through every time they take possession of a firearm from a licensed federal firearms dealer.

The NICS Program came to be part of the Brady Handgun Prevention Act after many years of lobbying by Gun Control Proponents. Originally, it was argued that a thorough background check program would’ve prevented John Hinckley from legally obtaining the gun which he used to attempt the assassination of President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

The firearms community has largely accepted the NICS program as standard operating procedure even though it is a significant infringement of a strictly interpreted Second Amendment. How much do you know about the background check system and it’s history? You can learn a great deal about it in this very thorough article by Julia Lawton.

You can learn more about Second Amendment Organization’s positions on The Brady Bill, NICS and other Federal Gun Laws at


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2 thoughts on “How do Background Checks work?”

  1. So you’re not going to explain what it is? Who thought it up? What is done during that phone call? How long the gun shop keeps those auditable 4473 forms (backdoor confiscation tool)? What the list is and how poorly it is managed and how much it violates due process? How bout some constitutional muster? Also, why do you perpetuate the myth that the 2nd amendment means we get to carry guns…it’s the right to keep and bear arms that does that…the 2A is a protection of that pre-existing, natural right from the government. Sorry, just came here from a recommendation…not revisiting. Good luck though.

    1. I’m sorry… I really don’t understand what you are on about.
      Are those real questions or are you trying to teach us all something that wasn’t included in this article or the linked information. Did you read the linked information?
      What kind of recommendation were you looking for? Don’t try to purchase a gun if you can’t pass the background check is the best advice we can give you on this topic.
      The article was meant to be informational.

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