2AO (Second Amendment Organization) is a nonprofit, non-political, grassroots organization with a focus on engaging, educating, and equipping all shooters, firearms owners and pro-Second Amendment businesses in order to protect and preserve the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and to connect pro-Second Amendment businesses with like-minded consumers. 2AO’s very large support base of businesses and individuals from both sides of the political aisle, highlight its diverse community of responsible gun owners in America.

Educate: 2AO employs the world’s leading training techniques and curricula in educating our members and the public on firearms safety and effective use.

Engage: 2AO engages people at the local level to affect change in towns and cities, through state chapters, at a grassroots level.

Equip: 2AO equips members and the public with information and resources that are critical to educated and engaged 2nd Amendment advocates.

“The action, and where we need to be focused pushing for our rights, is not on Capitol Hill; it’s in every little town in America. We are more interested in rights than big money campaigns. Donate if you can, but that is not our main focus.” – Bryan Crosswhite, Founder & President, 2AO