Armor Company offers Discount to 2AO Supporters!

In the aftermath of any mass violence involving guns, people often look for ways to improve their personal preparation for a worst case event… or that of their kids.

2AO is a proponent first and foremost of Education in this area… recognizing that no piece of equipment will be better than training and practice in all aspects of a “run, hide, fight” type program. This training may include appropriate uses of firearms during an active shooter event.

Besides the obvious potential value of a firearm and the knowledge of when and how to use it during an mass violence event, everyone should understand the value of medical training and equipment for the immediate aftermath of violence.

Many people are interested in ballistic armor, especially inserts for bags, backpacks and briefcases. We are proud to announce that Premier Body Armor will be offering YOU a nice discount on any purchase using the code “2AO” and that 5% of any purchase tied to that code will be donated to support the work of!

You can learn more about their Backpack Panel Inserts in this PDN Video.
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