POTUS is a Distraction: Focus on the Georgia Runoffs.


The resolution of the POTUS results in a distraction right now.

Georgia Runoff Important DatesFocus on the Georgia Runoff and control of the US Senate.

All gun owners should reach out to friends there… Consider visiting in the next 45 days… help “get out the vote”… maybe even consider contributing to the campaigns.

Opportunities for Grassroots Advocacy

There are several shooting competitions scheduled between now and then and lots of other reasons to visit the State. Visit gun shops and coffee shops and wherever else to remind people about how powerful every Georgia Voter is right now. They will get to cast TWO VOTES in the Georgia Runoff on Jan 5th that will determine the balance of power and could empower or prevent some significant changes in our country in regard to how the Legislative and Judicial Branches operate.

There are about 45 days to get involved… with major holidays, Corona Concerns and a plethora of other distractions that we have to contend with to get ensure that the Senate stays in Republican Hands.

The Senate is the Prize

Obviously, I believe that if the Democrats have both the Whitehouse and the Senate they won’t hesitate to pass significant federal firearms restrictions into law. They are unlikely to squander the control they will have the way the Republicans did in 2017. I’ve been saying the focus should be on the Senate for months but, I never thought it was going to be this crystal clear: Georgia has the opportunity to protect gun rights in a significant way for all Americans. All American Gun Owners should be getting involved.

The POTUS Results are important… but not the immediate urgency.

The 2020 Election is going to be the most scrutinized election in our history. Claims are being made, some explanations have been given… many questions are still left to be answered. Those issues are in the hands of the lawyers and the courts. We have cast our votes in that election and we will be able to dissect the results and improve our systems after January 5th.  For now, if you really care about Gun Rights, focus on the Georgia Runoff.

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