Rob Pincus believes we should be more Assertive in our fight to End Gun Negligence

We see a lot of news stories about people protesting against or worrying about “Gun Violence”. Most often, this is from what would clearly be considered the Anti-Gun side of the issue in the United States. Witty Pro-Gun people sometimes remark that we also are very much against “gun violence”. A less intellectually engaging, but still appropriate response might be that we should all be against all forms of “violence”. At the far end of the spectrum are Pro-Gun people least likely to actually win anyone over to our side who want to beat their chest and remind everyone, accurately but needlessly at this point, that “Violence is Sometimes the Best Answer”. This week, I’m more concerned about how gun owners feel and act about Gun Negligence. I made two long social media posts this week, both of which were met with almost universal support from my (somewhat cultivated) audience and with a tiny amount of fear and derision from within the gun community.


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