Position Statements: Firearms & Children


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2 thoughts on “Position Statements: Firearms & Children”

  1. I think you need to be a little more specific in the title of Arming Teachers. From the statement thereafter it leads to the notion that 2AO is against mandatory arming of teachers. As a person who’s spouse is a teacher, I do not think that mandatory arming of teachers is a good idea, nor has it ever been suggested. Either against should be changed to complex or mandatory should be added to the title.

    1. We appreciate your position. In this case, we are referring to being against any program that would be put in place to create a special class of “armed teacher”, as opposed to allowing any teacher to be legally armed while at work. There is a gray area between what we are advocating for, simple Right to Carry for Teachers, and setting that every teacher MUST be armed (“mandatory arming”). Many proposals that would set up a special program for certain teachers fall into that gray area and we are against them.

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