Grassroots Advocacy: Talking to Anti-Gunners (2013 Version)

Here’s a classic video clip of me speaking to a group on the topic of  “Talking to Anti-Gunners”.

One of the missions here at 2AO is to empower Grassroots Activism. Guiding that activism to be as effective as possible has long been a big part of my life’s work. Talking inside our own pro-gun circles about what “they” are doing or think can be cathartic, but it rarely does any real good in regard to re-gaining our rights. In this video, I am speaking to attendees of the 2013 Rangemaster / Polite Society Training Conference,  I address what I  see as some common mistakes that well meaning advocates make and offers some tips for those interest in helping others to understanding our Second Amendment Rights and why they are important.

Learning how to change the minds of those who are against us, or neutral, on Gun Rights Issues is vital to being an effective Grassroots Advocate. While it may not be fun, talking to anti-gunners reasonably is an important part of gun rights advocacy.

As always, please share those videos with others who care about the Second Amendment or maybe even those who don’t to understand that they cliches they are arguing against may not really be the issues they should be worried about. And, if you are finding value in the work 2AO is doing, share our website & social media links and consider donating to support our efforts!

-Executive Vice President, 2AO

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