Second Amendment REJECTED! – Bryan Crosswhite

As I sit at Shot Show and watch the crowds, my mind races. What in the hell is going on with this country? We have elected a Pro-Gun, Pro-American President and a Republican Congress. Everyone here is cheering. I see Second Amendment advocates lowering their guard and saying America will be Great Again. I see gun manufacturers ramping up their product lines in the hope that sales will go through the roof in 2017.


But as I sit here, I keep thinking, should we be so excited? Did we really win this fight? Are we now safe from the Anti- Second Amendment Organizations? My answer is a quick HELL NO! We are still losing this fight. I hear that California is banning AR-15’s. Nothing has changed this. I hear that Highland Park, IL has banned AR’s as well as large capacity mags. Yet we are all still smiling.

Why is the Second Amendment being rejected, and by whom? Well, we as Pro-Second Amendment Advocates and Organizations have REJECTED this Constitutional Amendment. We have marched around Washington DC with our signs, and called for people to show up and meet their Congressman. I have watched this happening for no good purpose. Nothing has deterred the Left from their narrative that Guns Kill People. I have seen legislation continue to make its way into our State Legislatures and local municipalities.  


We as Second Amendment Advocates are focused on the wrong target. We think that it is laws and regulations coming from inside the beltway that affects our precious Second Amendment. We are totally wrong.  


We have lost sight of our mission. Instead we try to be Media Stars, with our voices on Outdoor Network, with appearances on CNN or Fox News. While we sit here at Shot Show 2017, only 3 days from the inauguration of President Trump, we need to wake up, and stir up the nation. We must focus on the real enemy of the Anti-Second Amendment movement.


Smart people lead the Anti-Second Amendment movement, not people who think they can shoot an AR-15 and maybe one day wear a Shooting Jersey. They use an effective strategy, and they know exactly where to fight. They understand that US Congress is not going to ban the AR-15, but they do understand that 923 mayors have signed up to ban “Illegal” guns from their communities. They sink billions of dollars into local elections. They fight Pro Second Amendment candidates running for City Council, County Seats, and State Legislative seats.  


We as Second Amendment Advocates must wake up and get on target. We must stop thinking of ourselves as Winners, when we are losing most of the battles in state and local elections. We need use strategy like Bloomberg and his cronies. We need to rally local citizens to attend city council meetings. Instead we waste their time and money on traveling to DC to do a photo op in front of the Capitol. Just so we can raise money from naive people who have no clue about legislative policy and how laws are passed.


Education is the key, and we need to educate America. We are all excited that our country will be moving in the right direction, but until we realize this fight is not over, we will see a continual degrading of our Second Amendment, no matter how many Republicans sit on Capitol Hill


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Bryan Crosswhite

2AO News