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Bus 2016
As the Second Amendment’s protections are once again being carpetbagged by politicians, the everyday gun owner is left anxious about an outcome. Enter 2AO (Second Amendment Organization).

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2AO is a network of a quarter-million members, with a goal to connect new and non-traditional shooters. With a driving purpose to educate, engage, and equip, 2AO is seeking to correct the perception of the misinformed, or even anti-gun Americans.

2nd Amendment Organization

People from around the country who are passionate about the Second Amendment are joining forces, helping 2AO take on such an overwhelming task. With an established network of State Chapters in key states, 2AO is responding to local and statewide gun control measures, as well as providing educational and program resources to local communities. Through the use of these networks, 2AO is creating grassroots efforts in every major city for the expressed purpose of mobilizing on the local level, whenever the Second Amendment comes under attack.
2AO’s Mission

2AO is launching a bus tour, making 20 stops in 14 battleground states in 60 days. This tour will rally Second Amendment enthusiasts and create new supporters at each stop. Through coordinating State Chapters, utilizing local and national resources, as partnering with supporting Industries and members, 2AO will use this opportunity to educate Americans. By giving them them first-time firearm lessons at gun ranges, providing them with hands on experience and knowledge, those who were once apprehensive about firearms will be educated supporters of the Second Amendment.


In his podcast, “Black Man With a Gun,” the Executive Vice President of 2AO, Rev. Kenn Blanchard, describes the future of gun advocacy. He details this generation’s job to bring the next generation into the fight.

Help 2AO turn this goal into a reality! With your donation you help 2AO win the fight for the hearts and minds of the misinformed and non-traditional shooters. Take your part in protecting the Second Amendment and join the cause today!
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