Bryan Crosswhite

President of 2AO

President of 2AO With over 20 years as a Foreign Policy advisor, Bryan brings knowledge of Regulatory Reform and Policy advocacy. Bryan has served as an advisor to several heads of State. Bryan enjoys bow hunting and deep sea fishing.

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Ania Cienkowski

Exec Vice President - Spokesperson

Exec Vice President – Spokesperson With over 10 years in the Firearm Industry with a focus on Retail and Shooting Range. She provides consulting and training to the Firearm Industry with facilitate ATF and OSHA complaint.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Vice President of Media

Vice President of Media Rev. Kenn Blanchard is known as the “Black Man With A Gun,” a phrase he trademarked. After serving for five years in the USMC he was hired by the CIA and helped create many of the protective programs still in place there. During this time he became an obsessive entrepreneur trying […]

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Linda Hale

VP of Marketing

VP of Marketing With over 20 years in the Medical Industry, Linda brings her business knowledge to 2AO. Linda works on Capital Hill for Pro-Constitutional Issues. Linda is the Sr Partner at the Institute for Policy Action.

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Ace Luciano

VP of Strategic Partnership

VP of Strategic Partnership Ace is first a Hunter, a fisherman, and an outdoorsman for over 30 years. He is also an author, seminar speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Ace has traveled the globe in pursuit of both game and fish throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Europe, and Australia and is involved in numerous […]

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Gary Fox II

VP of State Chapters

VP of State Chapters Gary Fox II has a diverse background as an entrepreneur, small business owner, business executive, web producer, and Christian pastor. He has leadership experience in the fields of accounting, web development, telecommunications and networking, and church ministry. In addition to his position with 2AO, Gary is the Executive Director of Field […]

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Dr. Jonathan Farley

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor Dr. Jonathan Farley obtained his doctorate in mathematics from the University of Oxford, winning Oxford’s highest mathematics awards for graduate students. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University with the second highest grade point average in his class. He has been a Visiting Professor of Mathematics at Caltech, a Visiting Associate Professor […]

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Matt Kiolbassa

VP of Communications and Technology

VP of Communications and Technology Matt heads up our communications and technical aspect of 2AO. AS owner of Ntelogic, Matt brings the understanding of the Cloud Services and Security.

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